Bringing the Caribbean shine to the treasure valley!

Discover the beauty of your car like never before

First of all

Why Choose Us

Why pick 2 Exotic Detailing? Because we're your friendly neighborhood car detailing service with a unique tropical twist! We don't just clean cars - we pamper them like they're on a beachside vacation. And you know what? We absolutely love doing it. Plus, we promise to greet you with a warm smile and an island-style 'Hola!' every time you swing by. So come on over, friend. Let's make your car shine together!

What Can We do?

  • Interior & Exterior Detailing

  • RV Detailing

  • Fleet Detailing

  • Boats Detailing

  • Water Spot Removal

  • Mobile Detailing

  • Maintenance Detailing

  • Pet hair Removal

  • Paint Wax & Polishes

  • Paint Decontamination & seal

  • Paint Correction

  • Carpet & Upholstery Shampoo

About Us

At 2 Exotic Detailing, we're passionate about cars and their beauty. Our founder, Felix Huertas, started this business to offer top-tier service with a tropical twist. We're dedicated to delivering exceptional results and a taste of the seaside to our clients.

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